Live life without worries

Insurance You Can Trust

Live life without worries

Insurance You Can Trust

The independent insurance agency that we so purposefully named Harvest was born out of one very simple concept

Do the best thing for your client, everything else follows.

We Solve Real Problems

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You have worked hard to purchase and maintain your home, let us work hard to find the best company to insure it.
We work with over 30 companies to ensure that we place you with the best insurance company for your unique home and your individual needs.
For so many of us our home is our biggest asset, we will always write polices that protect it thoroughly.
We love to explain what coverages actually cover; we find great joy in designing a customized homeowner’s policy with our clients.


Have you been inundated with ads claiming to save you a percentage or dollar amount from your current auto insurance policy?
Keep this in mind, every AD you see directs your attention to only one insurance company.
At Harvest Insurance we search through many auto insurance companies simultaneously so that we can bring the best auto insurance rates to you without sacrificing the critical coverages that you need.


Let us search for that perfect balance of liability and agreed value coverage while you relax, chase that Horizon or hook up on the game fish you have been after!
We are passionate about boating, and we design our policies by listening to the captain!


As you hit that open road, we hope you know that our policies are right there with you, protecting your bike like you do.
We love to hear about your ride and what you feel is important have covered while keep your budget in mind.


Your motorhome is your sanctuary, your respite from the busy world.
You have worked hard to be on the open road in it, let us protect it the way it deserves to be protected.
We search through dozens of polices to find the one that makes sense for you as an individual.

Flood Insurance

You may be required to purchase flood insurance if you are in a high-risk flood zone, did you know that there are private flood companies that may make this coverage more affordable?
Our agents will find the most cost-effective way of securing this valuable coverage. Not in a high-risk flood zone?
Let us run a Flood Zone Determination for you so that you can see how “high and dry” you really are!

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